Psychological Marketing (part 6)

But when a married woman bought garments from Mrs. _____, and paid as agreed, they wrote to her something like this: “Mrs. _____, whom we know, tells us that you are one of her good customers. She has dealt with you, she says, and you do just as you agree. So we have opened with you a credit account on our books, good anytime you wish. When you want anything in furnishings, just order it. Pay nothing in advance. WE are
glad to send it without any investigation to a person recommended as you are.”

That was flattering. Naturally those people, when they wanted some furniture, would order from that house.

There are endless phases to psychology. Some people know them by instinct. Many of  them are taught by experience. But we learn most of them from others. When we see a winning method we note it down for use when occasion offers.

These things are very important. An identical offer made in a different way may bring multiplied returns. Somewhere in the mines of business experience we must find the best method somehow.

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