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Scientific Advertising – Psychology in Advertising (part 1)

The competent advertising man must understand psychology. The more he knows about if the better. He must learn that certain effects lead to certain reactions, and use that knowledge to increase results and avoid mistakes. Human nature is perpetual. In most respects it is the same today as in the time of Caesar. So the […]

Using Psychology in Advertising (part 2)

We often employ this factor in psychology. Perhaps we are advertising a valuable formula. To merely say that would not be impressive. So we state – as a fact – that we paid $100,000 for that formula. That statement when tried has won a wealth of respect. Many articles are sold under guarantee – so […]

Using Gifts in Advertising (part 3)

An advertiser offered a set of books to business men. The advertising was unprofitable, so he consulted another expert. The ads were impressive. The offer seemed attractive. “But,” said the second man, “let us add one little touch which I have found effective. Let us offer to put the buyer’s name in gilt lettering on […]

Marketing: should you give out free samples? (part 4)

An advertiser suffered much from substitution. He said, “Look out for substitutes,” “Be sure you get this brand,” etc., with no effect. Those were selfish appeals. Then he said, “Try our rivals’ too” – said it in his headlines. He invited comparisons and showed that he did not fear them. That corrected the situation. Buyers […]

Claude Hopkins – Psychological Marketing (part 5)

There is a great deal in mental impression. Submit five articles exactly alike and five people may choose one of them. But point out in one some qualities to notice and everyone will find them. The five people then will all choose the same article. If people can be made sick or well by mental […]