The non-selling way to sell (part 2)

But they don’t. They go to the door and say, “I was sent here to give you a brush. I have samples here and I want you to take your choice.”

The housewife is all smiles and attention. In picking out one brush she sees several she wants. She is also anxious to reciprocate the gift. So the salesman gets an order.

Another concern sells coffee, etc., by wagons in some 500 cities. The man drops in with a half-pound of coffee and says, “Accept this package and try it. I’ll come back in a few days to ask you how you liked it.”

Even when he comes back he doesn’t ask for an order. He explains that he wants to send the women a fine kitchen utensil. It isn’t free, but if she likes the coffee he will credit five cents on each pound she buys until she has paid for the article. Always some service.

The maker of the electric sewing machine motor found advertising difficult. So, on good advice, he ceased soliciting a purchase. He offered to send to any home, through any dealer, a motor for one week’s use. With it would come a man to show how to operate. “Let us help you for one week without cost or obligation,” said the ad. Such an offer was resistless, and about nine in ten of the trials led to sales.

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