Apply Proven Sales Techniques to your Advertising (part 3)

So in many, many lines. Cigar makers send out boxes to anyone and say, “Smoke ten, and then keep them or return them, as you wish.”

Makers of books, typewriters, washing machines, kitchen cabinets, vacuum sweepers, etc., send out their products without any prepayment. They say, “Use them, then do as you wish.” Practically all merchandise sold by mail is sent subject to return.

These are all common principles of salesmanship. The most ignorant peddler applies them. Yet the salesman-in-print very often forgets them. He talks about his interest. He blazons a name, as though that was of importance. His phrase is “Drive people to the stores,” and that is his attitude in everything he says.

People can be coaxed but not driven. Whatever they do they do to please themselves. Many fewer mistakes would be made in advertising if these facts were never forgotten.

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