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Scientific Advertising – Offer Service (part 1)

Remember the people you address are selfish, as we all are. They care nothing about your interests or your profit. They seek service for themselves. Ignoring this fact is a common mistake and a costly mistake in advertising.  Ads say in effect, “Buy my brand. Give me the trade you give to others. Let me […]

The non-selling way to sell (part 2)

But they don’t. They go to the door and say, “I was sent here to give you a brush. I have samples here and I want you to take your choice.” The housewife is all smiles and attention. In picking out one brush she sees several she wants. She is also anxious to reciprocate the […]

Apply Proven Sales Techniques to your Advertising (part 3)

So in many, many lines. Cigar makers send out boxes to anyone and say, “Smoke ten, and then keep them or return them, as you wish.” Makers of books, typewriters, washing machines, kitchen cabinets, vacuum sweepers, etc., send out their products without any prepayment. They say, “Use them, then do as you wish.” Practically all […]