Advertising – How To Profile Your Prospects (part 4)

When you plan or prepare an advertisement, keep before you a typical buyer. Your subject, your headline has gained his or her attention. Then in everything be guided by what you would do if you met the buyer face-to-face. If you are a normal man and a good salesman you will then do your level best.

Don’t think of the people in the mass. That gives you a blurred view. Think of a typical individual, man or women who is likely to want what you sell. Don’t try to be amusing. Money spending is a serious matter. Don’t boast, for all people resent it. Don’t try to show off. Do just what you think a good salesman should do with a half-sold person before him.

Some advertising men go out in person and sell before they plan to write an ad. One of the ablest of men has spent weeks on one article, selling from house to house. In this way they learn the reactions from different forms of argument an approach. They learn what possible buyers want and the factors which don’t appeal. It is quite customary to interview hundreds of possible customers.

Others send out questionnaires to learn the attitude of the buyers. In some way all must learn how to strike responsive chords. Guesswork is very expensive.

The maker of an advertised article knows the manufacturing side and probably the dealer’s side. But the very knowledge often leads him astray in respect to customers. His interests are not in their interests.

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