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Claude Hopkins – Test Campaigns (part 1)

Almost any questions can be answered, cheaply, quickly and finally, by a test campaign. And that’s the way to answer them – not by arguments around a table. Go to the court of last resort – the buyers of your product. On every new project there comes up the question of selling that article profitably. […]

Avoid Advertising Disasters (part 2)

Now we let the thousands decide what the millions will do. We make a small venture, and watch cost and result. When we learn what a thousand customers cost, we know almost exactly what a million will cost. When we learn what they buy, we know what a million will buy. We establish averages on […]

Claude Hopkins – Advertising Without Risk (part 3)

On another product it may take three months to bring back the cost with a profit. But one is sure of his profit in that time. When he spreads out he must finance accordingly. Think what this means. A man has what he considers an advertising possibility. But national advertising looks so big and expensive […]

Advertising tests – 2 case studies (part 4)

A large food advertiser felt that his product would be more popular in another form. He and all his advisers were certain about it. They were willing to act on this supposition without consulting the consumers, but wiser advice prevailed. He inserted an ad in a few towns with a coupon, good at any store […]

How to Cut Your Advertising Costs (part 5)

That is what mail order advertisers do – try out plan after plan to constantly reduce the cost. Why should any general advertiser be less business-like and careful? Another service of the test campaign is this: An advertiser is doing mediocre advertising. A skilled advertising agent feels that he can greatly increase results. The advertiser […]