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How to write great headlines for your ads (part 1)

The difference between advertising and personal salesmanship lies largely in personal contact. The salesman is there to demand attention. He cannot be ignored. The advertisement can be ignored. But the salesman wastes too much of his time on prospects whom he can never hope to interest. He cannot pick them out. The advertisement is read […]

What is an Attention Grabbing Headline? (part 2)

Suppose a newspaper article states that a certain women was the most beautiful in the city. That article would be of interest to that woman and her friends. But neither she nor her friends would ever read it if the headline was “Egyptian Psychology.” So in advertising. It is commonly said that people do not […]

How To Choose The Right Headline (part 3)

The writer of this chapter spends far more time on headlines than on writing. He often spends hours on a single headline. Often scores of headlines are discarded before the right one is selected. For the entire return from an ad depends on attracting the right sort of readers. The best of salesmanship has no […]

Advertising – message to market match (part 4)

For this same reason we employ a vast variety of ads. If we are using twenty magazines we may use twenty separate ads. This because circulation’s overlap, and because a considerable percentage of people are attracted by each of several forms of approach. We wish to reach them all. On a soap, for instance, the […]