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What can you learn from Mail Order Advertising – Claude Hopkins (part 1)

The severest test of an advertising man is in selling goods by mail. But that is a school from which he must graduate before he can hope for success. There cost and result are immediately apparent. False theories melt away like snowflakes in the sun. The advertising is profitable or it is not, clearly on […]

Emulating Successful Advertising (part 2)

Consider the difference, on 250,000 replies per year. Think how valuable was the man who cut the cost in two. Think what it would have meant to continue that $14.20 ad without any key on returns. Yet there are thousands of advertisers who do just that. They spend large sums on a guess. And they […]

Understanding Mail Order Advertising (part 3)

In mail order advertising there is no waste of space. Every line is utilized. Borders are rarely used. Remember that when you are tempted to leave valuable space unoccupied. In mail order advertising there is no jargon. There is no boasting, save of super-service. There is no useless talk. There is no attempt at entertainment. […]

Advertising – the more you tell the more you sell (part 4)

Before you use useless pictures, merely to decorate or interest, look over some mail order ads. Mark what their verdict is. A man advertised an incubator to be sold by mail. Type ads with right headlines brought excellent returns. But he conceived the idea that a striking picture would increase those returns. So he increased […]

The best adverts in the world (part 5)

But this occurs only when the larger space is utilized as well as the small space. Set halfpage copy in a page space and you double the cost in returns. We have seen many a test prove that. Look at an ad of the Mead Cycle Company – a typical mail order ad. These have […]