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Claude Hopkins – Salesmanship in Advertising (part 1)

To properly understand advertising or to learn even its rudiments one must start with the right conception. Advertising is salesmanship. Its principles are the principles of salesmanship. Successes and failures in both lines are due to like causes. Thus every advertising question should be answered by salesman’s standards. Let us emphasize that point. The only […]

Advertising – selling in print – Hopkins (part 2)

That is so in personal salesmanship as in salesmanship-in-print. Fine talkers are rarely good salesman. They inspire buyers with the fear of over-influence. They create the suspicion that an effort is made to sell them on other lines than merit. Successful salesman are rarely good speech makers. They have few oratorical graces. They are plain […]

Advertising: Choose Sales, Not Applause (part 3)

So in advertising. The only readers we get are people whom our subject interests. No one reads ads for amusement, long or short. Consider them as prospects standing before you, seeking for information. Give them enough to get action. Some advocate large type and big headlines. Yet they do not admire salesman who talk in […]

Advertising – How To Profile Your Prospects (part 4)

When you plan or prepare an advertisement, keep before you a typical buyer. Your subject, your headline has gained his or her attention. Then in everything be guided by what you would do if you met the buyer face-to-face. If you are a normal man and a good salesman you will then do your level […]

How To Focus Your Advertising On The Customer (part 5)

The advertising man studies the consumer. He tries to place himself in the position of the buyer. His success largely depends on doing that to the exclusion of everything else. This book will contain no more important chapter than this one on salesmanship. The reason for most of the non-successes in advertising is trying to […]