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Apply Science to your Business (part 1)

A rapid stream ran by the writers boyhood home. The stream turned a wooden wheel and the wheel ran a mill. Under that primitive method, all but a fraction of the streams potentiality went to waste. Then someone applied scientific methods to that stream – put in a turbine and dynamos. Now, with no more […]

Do People ACTUALLY read your ads? (part 2)

An advertiser of many years standing, spending as high as $700,000 per year, told the writer he did not know whether his advertising was worth anything or not. Sometimes he thought that his business would be just as large without it. The writer replied, “I do know. Your advertising is utterly unprofitable, and I could […]

Slash Advertising losses by testing (part 3)

That seems almost unbelievable. Even a storekeeper who inserts a twenty-dollar ad knows whether it pays or not. Every line of a big stores ad is charged to the proper department. And every inch used must the next day justify its cost. Yet most national advertising is done without justification. It is merely presumed to […]

The Advertising benefit of a descriptive name (part 1)

There is great advantage in a name that tells a story. The name is usually prominently displayed. To justify the space it occupies, it should aid the advertising. Some such names are almost complete advertisements in themselves. May Breath is such a name. Cream of Wheat is another. That name alone has been worth a […]

Common Mistakes in Naming Products – Claude Hopkins (part 2)

Toasted Corn Flakes and Malted Milk are examples of unfortunate names. In each of those cases one advertiser created a new demand. When the demand was created, others shared it because they could use the name. The originators depended only on a brand. It is interesting to speculate on how much more profitable a coined […]