Read this classic marketing book – free!

Scientific Marketing by Claude Hopkins is rightly regarded as a must-read for any aspiring marketer.

Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert and Perry Marshall are just some of the marketing gurus that have recommended this book to their students.

Now you can read it online for free (it’s public domain).

Table of Contents

Ch1: How Advertising Laws Are Established

Ch2: Just Salesmanship

Ch3: Offer Service

Ch4: Mail Order Advertising – what it teaches

Ch5: Headlines

Ch6: Psychology

Ch7: Being Specific

Ch8: Tell Your Full Story

Ch9: Art In Advertising

Ch10: Things Too Costly

Ch11: Information

Ch12: Strategy

Ch13: Use of Samples

Ch14: Getting Distribution

Ch15: Test Campaigns

Ch16: Leaning on Dealers

Ch17: Individuality

Ch18: Negative Advertising

Ch19: Letter Writing

Ch20: A Name That Helps

Ch21: Good Business